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Web Security (Source:

Security is a really important thing but almost we don’t care when building applications. There are a lot of essential security practices, But in this story, I am going to talk about HTTP Security Headers.

In HTTP requests, Headers hold the metadata about the request/response. …

If you have ever worked with Angular, You probably might have seen something like Observables, Subscribe(), Subject and a few more. Sometimes we may be using it without knowing what it is. If you haven’t familiar with those terms. Don’t worry, This is not something about Angular. …

AWS Athena(Source:

Heyo ✋,

In part 1, We enabled Server Access Logging to our S3 bucket. In this story (part 2), We going to analyze/query the log information using Athena. Alright, Let’s start.


What is Athena?

Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3…

AWS S3 Bucket (Source:

Heyo ✋,

S3 is one of the best services of AWS. When we talk about the S3 bucket, Most of us think that the S3 is just a storage service. But it provides a lot of features such as Encryption, Multi-Part Upload, Logging, Versioning, Etc.

In this story, I am…

Javascript Async Await

Asynchronous Programming is one of the great features in Javascript. Before ES8 we had Callbacks, Promises and Generators to handle it. But in ES8, Javascript introduced very short keywords called Async and Await to handle Asynchronous Executions.

In this story, I am going to explain the strange behaviour of Async/Await

Javascript: (source:

We all know that Javascript is awesome. But also it is weird. When we compare some concepts, In javascript those are useless just like “Infinity Stones 💎 in Sacred Timeline 🪄”.

Okay! So in this story, I am going a talk about one of the strangest things in javascript called…

The Docker (Source:

We all know Docker is one of the popular tools among us 😈 (developers). Probably lots of people learning it today (including me 😊). That’s great.

But apart from building and deploy, Most of the developers have no idea, How docker works. If you know that, Congrats! You are one…

Hi! there,

Here we gonna see, How to deploy angular app on firebase hosting for free. Let’s move on Step-By-Step

Create a Firebase Project

Login to your firebase account and Go to console. Click on Add Project & Name your project.

Install Firebase-tools NPM package

firebase-tools provides CLI interface to connect and manage your firebase project.

Install firebase-tools…

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